Monday, 15 December 2008

Terminator 5 Movie in 2011

Halcyon is the production company owning the rights for Terminator. Thanks to Halcyon and to Director McG we will soon enjoy Terminator 4.

Thrilled by the positive anticipation of the public, Halcyon executives Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek, at the Dubai International Film, have confirmed their intention to develop a fifth installment in the Terminator movie series.

Director McG should then be back for a Terminator 5 movie. Christian Bale will quite certainly reprise his role of John Connor: he not only signed for a trilogy from the very beginning but he also really enjoys the role of Mankind's savior fighting against the machines.

More details about this Terminator Salvation sequel will surface once the fourth opus is released in May.

For now, Terminator 5 seems tentatively scheduled for a release in 2011. I hope they will film both Terminator 5 and Terminator 6 in parallel.

Really happy to hear about this Terminator 5 movie!